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MAP MEDIA Presents: The GREEN Project (Music, Social Responsibility and the Environment)
The GREEN Project:
M.A.P Media has launched its corporate social responsibility project titled “The GREEN Project”. The GREEN Project is a musical album by M.A.P Media artists produced as the contribution of M.A.P Media to the general wellbeing of its community and the globe as a whole. This album is an album of hope, a reiteration of the possible better future for all mankind. M.A.P Media wishes to promote the album to all ends of the earth where every soul that listens to it is rejuvenated with hope and a reason to give more to life and looks forward to creating a better future for all by the inspiration emanated within the songs in the album.
The GREEN Project album features M.A.P Media’s artistes Yole, Meknims and Luchi, and contains four tracks whose central message revolves around the theme of reviving the spirit of hope amongst the listeners. While each track is unique and fresh, the same theme is woven into all the tracks on the album. The album is unique and innovative; it is not conceived of, produced or being marketed for profit making or fame but as M.A.P Media’s way of giving back to the society we live in.
Objective: In our present world where we are faced with diverse and ever increasing number of challenges, people have very good reasons to be hopeless. Many people prefer our current decadent state of the world to the unknown future which is often thought of with fear and trepidation as many forecasters hardly see the light of a better future. As an organization, we seek to revive the hope for a better future amongst mankind.
Specifically, we seek to:
a. Discourage the messages of doom, despair and fear that are emanating from the conventional media and entertainment industry.
b. Substitute this with, and actively promote the dissemination of positive messages of hope, determination and a better future for mankind.
c. Create platforms for collaborations between organizations and individuals interested in promotion of the messages of a better future in
Nigeria at first and subsequently across the world.
d. Identify and project potential models and ambassadors for a better
For more details or enquiries, kindly email: map.media@ymail.com

Enjoy new sounds.

Don X


  1. Mollyt

    June 28, 2024 (19:22)

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