Don X. A true new age innovator.

There are millions of DJs that press the sync or play button and dial their mixes in. For some on the music scene, this may not be a problem but when you understand what is going on behind the decks, it becomes vitally important. As technical malfunctions have shown, the art of the DJ is much more than pressing play and walking away. It is about understanding how music relates to the audience, how it blends cultures and serves as a backdrop to the event be it night or day.

DJ Don X does not only get this, but he also lives it. A Nigerian born in Paris and having lived in Lagos, New York, Maryland and Washington DC, he merges all of those musical narratives into a glorious tapestry.  Since 2016 he has been dropping an intoxicating mélange of genres including Afrobeats, Reggae/Dancehall, Electronic Dance Music, African World beats, UK Funky House, and Top 40 Pop. He is fluid and dynamic and has been celebrated the world over.

He took out the winner’s prize at the 2011 NPA DJ awards and many more awards afterwards before the industry became awash with fake wannabes. He has played at seminal events all over the globe including London, Canada, Indonesia, various parts of Africa and nationwide in the United States. Gathering his exultant tribe together as they commune with the groove is an experience that his audiences will never forget.

With over 15 years in the game, DJ Don X is still the leader of the mob. Keeping it fresh and exciting, he is on the path to superstardom. Join him on the dance floor and shake your body to the beat.

Extraordinary. Exceptional. Exquisite.

In addition, South Africa based Channel O recognized Don X’s giant strides on the wheels of steel by highlighting his work during their third season of “100% Naija”.(which aired globally).Over the past years, he has been associated in various capacities with some of the world’s biggest acts both old and new and has performed alongside international djs Alizay, Biks (Jay Sean’s DJ) to name a few.

With an outlook on music that is fresh and modern, yet retaining ties to the classics of the past. Don X promises that each event will bring a feeling of what he likes to call “organized chaos”, inhibited fun and excitement. “Don X is the difference between a good event and an unforgettable event”

Stay xDorsed

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Multi-award winning DJ Don X. The best international DJ.
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