Music: Bondo Krazzy – Timba ft Olu Maintain

Bondo Krazzy (@BondoKrazzy) is an act that if you followed Olu Maintain’s Kentro World a few years back you would be familiar with. Bondo’s new single is one for the club and below are a few other tracks including a Hold Yuh riddim Bondo added his twist to.

Enjoy New Sounds.

Video: Olu Maintain – Nawti

You most likely heard it on first. (@mrolumaintain) Olu Maintain’s Nawti the video is out.
Enjoy new sounds.
DX (@djdonx)

Music: Olu Maintain – Nawti

Olu from one of my favorite group Maintain is back with a new single after his Kentro world album.
Its the first in a number of tracks he’s released in a while that I think i’ll enjoy playing.
Hit or miss. You decide?!
Enjoy new sounds.
Don X