Video: Timi Dakolo – Great Nation

Timi Dakolo (@TimiDakolo) drops a new video for his single ‘Great Nation’ brought to you bu Lone Records, Now Musik and Capital Dreams Pictures.
Known for his rich choice of words and soulful vocals, Dakolo goes a step further in this powerful song of unity and hope.

“…Nigeria is not just a county; she is you and i…”

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Music: Adenike – New Love

Signed to Top Records, Adenike (@Ekinedai) is a new artist that plays the accoustic and base guitar. ‘New Love’ is her debut single about the struggles of a relationship
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Music: Nii Soul – Ohemaa

The first runner up of the 2008 MTN Project Fame West Africa, Nii soul (@NiiSoul) released the fourth  single ‘Ohemaa’ on his forthcoming album “Nii Soul: The Rebirth”. A native of Accra Ghana, Nii Soul states “Ohemaa is classical Hi-life song but can be enjoyed by everybody, from the older generation to our peers” 
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Music: Bemyoda – Shima Yam

Introducing the rising Nigerian soul singer and songwriter Bemyoda(@Bemyoda) with his new debut single ‘Shima Yam’. The soulful opus, whos title means ‘My Heart’ or ‘My Love’ in the native language of Tiv, is backed with acoustic guitars, bongo drums and violin arrangements
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Music: Nayo Soul – Ole

The beautiful NayoSoul (@NayoSoul) is sharing a song she wrote about the ‘Ole’ (thief) who stole her heart with her Afro Soul fans. If you love Ayo, Asa or Sade then i’m sure you’ll enjoy NayoSoul
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