Music: Teeklef – Take It To The Head

Teelef (@Teeklef) teamed up with two fast rising hip hop rappers Rukkus (@RukusLive) and Blink (@iamBlink) to freestyle on DJ Khaled’s ‘Take It To The Head’ instrumental.
Enjoy new sounds!

Music: Blink – American Dreams, African Principles LP (world premiere + download)

Blink (@iamblink) after dropping The world is small barely a year ago is back with 15 new tracks and ready to make you a believer.
His growth and consistency is evident. I bid you pay attention to this young man on the rise.

The entire project is available for download. Free.

Enjoy new sounds.
Don X

Click To Download #ADAP
01 Westerneyezd (djdonxDOTcom).mp3

We Bang

14 We Bang (Bonus).mp3

Video – BLiNK- Dreams of a Winner

Blink is one of the realest dudes in  the Nigerian music industry right now.. and you can get a sense of that from his music. So listen and enjoy…. quality music from Blink “Yes O!”
Here is his first video from the album “The world is small” shot by Fly Kite Media in Chicago.
check out

Listen to tracks off his album here.

Enjoy new sounds.

Music : Blink – Jet To Lagos ft Teeklef & Lynxx (DJ Don X Worldwide Exclusive)

“The world is small is a story of a traveling boy, interacting with the circumstances and situations he finds himself in life and how he uses those experiences to grow into a man. The experiences include, music, culture, race, religion, education, sex, and nationality…I was born in Abia state (eastern Nigeria), and raised in Lagos state the country’s former capital until I was 16. At age 16 I came to America to pursue a degree in Economics, which I obtained, from the University of Illinois Urbana champaign in August 2010. 

I am not a conscious rapper. I am a semi informed citizen of this world. It helps to THINK and ASK before you BELIEVE anything. Just a simple way to keep TABs on real life…The world is small.”

– Blink

This is one artist that has grown in the past few years and mark my words is the ‘real deal’
Enjoy new sounds.

Jet To Lagos

Blanket of Dreams ft SLV


All Over Your Nation

Put It On a Pole

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