Music: Mide – City Lights

Mide (@mide) is a twenty-something year old singer/songwriter who has been mesmerizing audiences with his Guitar and soulful voice before since the launch of his debut EP, 2011’s Travellin’ Light. 
Mide calls it Acoustic Soul and there’s no denying the soul in the delightful songs he delivers. “Continuum” and “Room for Squares” by John Mayer are big influence in Midé’s sound, he has developed so much as a songwriter and you only need to hear his new single “City Lights” to understand. Midé also cites Israel HoughtonEric ClaptonJonathan Butler and a host of other greats (united by their expressiveness, soul and their guitars) as his inspiration.

Enjoy new sounds.

Music: Bez – That Stupid Song

The fast-rising soul musician Bez (@BEZidakula) is back at it, releasing a new single. That Stupid Song that takes you down memory lane, reminding listeners of the silly songs we all sang while growing up.
Enjoy new sounds.
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