Came across this new act in the game and believe he is off to a good start.
Bolade is a Nigerian born R&B Singer-Song writer with smooth and soothing vocals. Music has been a major part of his life but he never really sought entry into the music industry even though he wrote his first song at the age of 13. His ability to come up with melodic and rhythmic patterns kept improving with time and he states that “The Love of Music” stands as inspiration to his musical development.
His debut album’s anticipated title is T.I.M.E. It features productions from DSharp Wilson (Code 5, Elektra), Mark Goncalves (Kaysha, Lights Out), Dare “Dre-Sticks” Odunlami, Duncan Daniels, Jay Franco (Fabolous, Usher, Beyonce, Rick Ross), and Clef-Nite. Check out his
I look forward to what he can add to the music industry.

Enjoy new sounds.





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