This is a must listen or in this case, watch. Especially if you’re into soulful sounds.
Rising artists Bez.

A fresh breeze is blowwing through Nigerian soul music on the guitar strings of a young performer called Bez. Bez makes alternative soul, an understated and unusual hybrid of soul, jazz and R&B music that sets him well apart from the main stream Afro-hip-hop movement. His songs of love and heartbreak are modern acoustic gems that fit right beside the music of singers like John Mayer, Amy Winehouse and John Legend. A natural performer with a charismatic and playful stage presence, Bez has already opened for international sensation, Asa, performed alongside Nigeria’s premiere entertainers on the Rhythm Unplugged Concert series and been showcased as part of the exclusive Hennessy Artistry series. From big band shows with his swinging five man band to intimate acoustic showcases led by his masterful guitar playing, Bez is a performer to behold. See Bez, Hear Bez, Feel Bez. A new soul man is here.

Enjoy new sounds.



  1. Josephinet

    June 28, 2024 (09:55)

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