After a long period of 
barely concealed anticipation, fans of Nigeria’s rising Alternative Soul artiste; Bez  Idakula  can 
finally heave a huge  sigh of relief as the bespectacled, whiz-on strings musician has concluded arrangements for his album release this summer. The hugely anticipated Super 
Sun album, a career debut from the incredibly talented artiste is set to be officially released in July 2011.
The 13 track album which was entirely produced by the enigmatic Cobhams Asuquo, with the exception of one track produced by IBK, captures the rare and un-distilled essence of Bez. He experiments with new  upbeat and groovy sounds, drawing from fresh acoustic influences as he  takes the listener  on a journey of self discovery, love and inspiration. 
Featuring hits such as ‘Zuciya Daya’ – (One Heart), ‘More You’ ‘Stop Pretending’ and the self titled ‘Super Sun,’ listeners get the feel of an artiste who gently fuses an understated and unusual hybrid of soul, jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop music that sets him well apart from the main stream Afro-hip-hop movement.
According to a statement from the artiste’s  record  label and management team, CAMP (Cobhams Asuquo Music Productions); ‘The Super Sun career debut from Bez is an album that the world needs to listen to. The vocal prowess and verbal dexterity of the artiste, exquisite musical arrangement and superb production are elements which would ensure that this album is a keep-sake.’

Enjoy new sounds.
Don X


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