Music : Tahila Praise – Love Divine

One thing you can be sure to find on this site is quality music. And this feature is nothing short of that.
Tahila is a dynamic group of individuals who were drawn together by a common goal… to touch the hearts of people through music. 

Founded by Fola Babalola, each member of TP brings with them a unique experience in music ministry with a heart for God, and each other – it’s never business as usual when Tahila is ready to praise. 

This soulful and inspiring sound of praise is in my opinion what music is about. Touching the soul.
Their debut album ‘The Tahila Praise Project’ is available on iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby.

This is super xDorsed 🙂
Enjoy new sounds.

Love Divine

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Music: Obiora Obiwon – Great Again

In 2009/2010, a particular ballad and its HipHop remix, rendered partly in the Igbo language, inundated Nigerian wedding ceremonies and resonated across radio in Ghana and Kenya. The song Obi Mu O grew out of The Rebirth album to further establish Obiora Obiwon as a force to reckon with in popular/urban Nigerian music.
Debuting in 2006 with Overture, Obiwon gained instant critical acclaim and some measure of commercial success with hits such as the emotive ballad Onyinye and Streetz of Lagos. The awards followed in 2007 at the illustrious HipHop World Awards and Nigerian Music Awards for vocal performance, amidst various nominations for songwriting, vocals and choreography.
In 2008 Obiwon made several references to a deep spiritual experience and new focus on contemporary gospel themes while starting off work on a much anticipated sophomore, The Rebirth. The well accepted album showcased Obiora’s faith journey and served as his introduction to the urban gospel audience. With the release of new singles F.a.t.h.e.r Part II and Great Again (an ode to Nigeria), Obiora Obiwon prepares to capture an even deeper experience on a sequel project entitled T.R2011.
Great Again is a celebration of the collective hope currently sweeping through the Nigerian nation towards the general election.

Look out for the video of his single of the T.R2011 album in the next few weeks.


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